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How to Pick Lottery Numbers

Lottery drawing

Many of my friends asked me how I pick my lottery numbers, and the answer is never a simple one. The reason is that your method of choosing the numbers needs to fit your personality. I know this sounds a little speculative, and any mathematician will bring the statistics in discussion.

Social Lotto

Lotto Experiment

Social lotto is an application that will let you generate your lottery numbers, using a special algorithm based on statistics. We use a complex software tool to predict the lottery numbers, based on group number picking and prediction. Using a group's ability to predict numbers we increase the winning numbers.

How To Win the Lottery - Tips and Tricks

Lottery Money PiggyBankImproving the odds of winning the lottery seems impossible. Maybe not! Here are the best ways to do it. There are tremendous amounts of reports and software to help you beat the odds. Many of them are useless or scams. There are also a few good ideas on the market, but our website is taking a pragmatic approach towards winning this, and presents you with cold facts, so that you won't waste your money.

Generate Lucky Lottery Numbers

Lottery Numbers GeneratorThe Lucky Lottery Numbers Calculator, generates numbers based on your birth-date, and on your name. The calculator uses the the original English Kabbalah numerology, and the Life Path number. These are your lucky numbers, according to the vibrational energy around your birthday and your name.

Random Lottery Numbers Generator

random numbersIncrease your chances to win to lotto, by using random numbers for your ticket. Many people think that using numbers such as dates of birth, or house number, or their age will help them increase the chances to win. Think about it, if all people played their date of birth, why would yours be luckier than others'?

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