Euro Millions Numbers Generator

Euro Millions

This is a script that generates a set of completely random numbers for the Euro Millions lottery.

Click on the “Generate” button instead of using the in-store quick pick. Click the button again, if you need more sets of numbers.


Lucky Euro Millions Numbers

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Generate a set of random numbers for your next Euro Millions Lottery draw. Here are a few reasons to have your own random numbers:

  • Humans cannot generate aleatory number combinations, we tend to give a meaning to everything, even if we force ourselves to not. The subconscious will always kick in and make you chose “meaningful” numbers.
  • I personally don’t trust the lottery quick pick systems, where exists. This is a generator controlled by the same folks who administrate the lottery. There is a conflict of interests.
  • If you want to have a better chance to win to Lotto, you need to play a random set of numbers, according to mathematicians.