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Powerball is probably the most popular multi-state lottery, and the jackpot is minimum $40 million, sometimes, with nine figure jackpots. The drawings are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the game uses a 5/59 numbers scheme with a power-ball 1/35. The largest jackpot in the Powerball's history, and the largest prize ever to be won at lottery was $590,500,000 in May 2013.

Generate your quick pick random numbers for the next Powerball Lottery draw. If you are a serious Lottery player you probably know that playing random numbers is better than choosing your numbers:

  • Humans are unable to choose random number combinations, because their subconscious tends to use numbers with a meaning, a birth date, a "Lucky Number", or anything similar. This is the best way to waste your lottery money.
  • Where exists, the lottery quick pick system is a generator controlled by the same administration who runs the lottery. Why would you let them pick your numbers? Would you let the dealer in a casino play Blackjack for you?.
  • Statisticians say that you have better odds to win to Lotto if you play a random set of numbers.

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