How to Improve the Chances to Win the Lottery

Lottery TicketFirst of all, YES, there are methods of improving your chances to win the lottery. However, as I mentioned in a previous post, the statistics show us that there is no efficient way to ensure a profitable winning. OK, don’t be disappointed already, there are ways to ensure a winning ticket and I am going to show these ways to you. Although it might seem impossible, there is a way to ensure winning the Jackpot, you will see in a bit how.

What are the best ways to increase your winning odds to a Lottery?

Bet More Money at Once

First of all you have to bet a little more than the minimum ticket. Playing safe, and buying just one ticket, is decreasing your chances to win. It is better to play less often, and play more money than playing each month a single variant.

Play in Group

Associate yourself with other players in order to increase the wining odds. Playing in groups means, of course, splitting the pot, but what would you prefer, to split a million dollars in 10 or to play by yourself and not win anything?

How to Choose Lottery Numbers?

Do not select the numbers that just won on the previous draw, it is unlikely that these numbers will be drawn again, although statistically not improbable. There is a discussion about the numbers that are drawn more often, although a speculation, it is very plausible. Do not put more than 2 numbers in sequence Spread your numbers through the whole range as much as possible Do not use numbers recommended by anyone or by any lottery numbers tips service Use your own combination and look carefully at your numbers using your own method, no matter what that method is Do not use your birth date, or your children’s birth date. If you insist that your birth date is going to bring you luck, use the lucky number generator. Use a random numbers generator, this is probably on of the best ways to increase your odds of winning. You can use our random lottery numbers generator, if you wish.

How to Win the Jackpot

No matter how strange sounds, there is a possible way to play and win the Jackpot. However this isn’t something that you or I can do, and in the end you might end up by loosing money even if you win the jackpot and you’ll see in a moment why. Many times the Jackpot increases so much that playing the total number of combinations costs less than the big prize. Let’s take for example the 6/49 lottery in Canada, there has been numerous times when the big prize was over 30 million dollars. Well, playing every possible combination costs around 26 millions. You get the picture now. The weakness of this system though is that you need to have a lot of money to invest and even if you have the money, you are not sure that you will be the only winner. Sure, you will still get a lot of money for all the 5 numbers winning combinations, but if you will split the prize in three, you only win 10 million, and if you split it in two that comes around 15 millions.