Lottery Tips from Winners

Richard Lustig

I always thought that the best way to get closer to winning the jackpot is to get some lottery tips from the winners. They know the drill, they experienced winning, and whatever they did worked. So why try unproven methods? Try a method that you know got someone there results; they won the lottery, for God’s sake, they know what they’re saying.

Seven Times Lottery Winner Richard Lustig Gives Us Tips

Who else would be better to give us insights into their winning method than Richard Lustig, the 7 times jackpot winner? Richard Lustig says that “anybody can win”. Incidentally, I believe the same. If you want to win, you will. Lottery doesn’t have to follow statistics, and it isn’t, the live example is Richard Lustig. If you want to make it happen you will. Mr. Lustig won not once, not twice, but 7, (seven), times. His record defies any mathematical probabilities.

Back to the tips Mr. Lustig has for lottery players, his advice is to:

  • Pick your own numbers, and do not let the lottery machine do it for you.
  • Research your numbers, if your numbers have already won, don’t play them anymore
  • Once you picked your numbers, stick to them and don’t change them every time you play
  • Buy tickets as much as you can afford, the more you buy, the more chances to win you have
  • Don't get lottery fever and over-spend. Set aside a budget for lottery, and do not spend more than that.
  • If you want to increase your chances, play in a group. Pool money with a large group, thus increasing your chances to win. Obviously, you will have to split the win, but if the jackpot is big enough you don't care.
  • Don't miss any draw, the draw you miss will be the winner.


Christopher Kaelin Image Source - Illinois LotteryLottery Tips from Three Times Winner Christopher Kaelin

Another tip from Christopher Kaelin, a Chicago resident who won three times in only three weeks, is if you are winning don't stop playing. Christopher Kaelin created some sensation news when he won three times in a row, playing scratch off lotto. His secret was to not stop after the first ticket, which was a 25.000$ win. He didn't stop playing, and this paid off, his third ticket was a win of 250.000$.

Armed with these tips, you can go to the Lottery Number Generator page to generate one or more sets of random numbers, and stick to them, do not change these numbers for at least a few months.
If you think random is not enogh lucky for you, go to the Lucky Lottery Numbers Generator, and get your personalized numbers. These numbers are calculated based on your birthday, and name, and are unique to you. Play them religiously, and you will win.