Social Lottery Numbers Generator

Playing to Lottery has its fun and many of us play regularly. Yes it is fun but we certainly would like to win sometimes. The Lottery numbers Generator is in fact a collection of various generators, that includes a random numbers generator, a personal lucky numbers generator, and a social numbers generator.

Why Social Lottery?

Social Lottery is a way to pick your numbers with other players. The players can be your coworkers, your friends, or if you play group Lotto, they could be your lottery group members. Or they can be totally strangers, and this is the beauty of our system, it allows you to collectively vote for the lottery numbers. What is the advantage of that? I explain this on this blog post: Why Social Lottery Numbers Prediction?

Group Lottery Playing

When you pick your numbers as a group, everyone has their own number combination, and compiling a list with everyone's numbers is a complicated task. Some groups don't even bother to pick numbers because of that, they just let the system generate the numbers for them.

Social Number Voting (Helps you pick numbers)

This is actually a speculative way to pick your numbers. This is a social experiment, and it should be more fun than anything. The idea behind it, is to see if a larger group can improve predicting the winning lottery numbers.

How Does It Work?

When the voting period opens, every visitor with an account can vote their numbers. For a number of predetermined days the voting is open, giving the chance to as many people as possible to vote their numbers. A day or two before the lottery date, registered users will have the chance to check which are the most voted/popular numbers. You can then choose to play your numbers or the community's numbers, or both of them.