Social Lotto

Lotto ExperimentSocial lotto is an application that will let you generate your lottery numbers, using a special algorithm based on statistics. We use a complex software tool to predict the lottery numbers based on group number picking and prediction.

The two people who came up with the idea, are computer geeks, and have spent their last 20 years or so working in the field. The concept is tested at a small scale, and it had a tremendous success, that we immediately jumped on scaling the project up, to be able to accept tens of thousands of members.

The idea behind "Social Lotto Prediction" is that the latent, unused brain's capability to predict is manifesting in all of us. The problem is that this capability is not trained, hence poorly developed. By connecting many people to perform this task, we increase the mental energy for predicting a set of numbers, hence increasing the chances to hit the right sequence.

Using the group's ability to predict numbers, we increase the hit rate, hence getting small winnings. Small winnings will allow self sustaining month by month play. The other advantage is that we can choose the group's members with the highest hit rate, so that if someone has a higher ability to predict numbers, their numbers will be given priority when completing the final play sheet.

At the moment, the application is being completely redesigned, and we will announce once the application is ready for users.

Good Luck!